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Winstanley Community Primary School

Everyone, Every Day

Partial/full school closure - contingency plan

Covid-19 Contingency plan for remote learning - this was reviewed 03/11/20, 03/01/21 and 12/01/21 (most recent changes are highlighted in green. ) 


In the event of a full or partial school closure, school will provide learning resources and support, from the first full school day of closure (video lessons from the second full day of closure).

Learning:  We appreciate every family has differing circumstances.  However, to prevent children from falling behind, it is important that they complete the remote learning tasks set when absent from school (providing the child is well).  Parents must contact the class teacher with any concerns.  Children can respond to work using the Seesaw tools or by recording their work in their homework books and uploading a photograph.  Tutorials to aid the use of Seesaw can be found on the school website.

Teaching: In the event of a partial or full school closure, teachers will set work on Seesaw based on the school’s well sequenced curriculum, building on knowledge and skills, that they would have taught in school.  Teachers will provide clear explanations of new content and adjust the pace and difficulty of what is being taught in response to their assessments, including, where necessary, revising material or simplifying explanations to ensure pupils’ understanding.  Work will be differentiated to meet pupil needs.

Feedback:  Teachers will provide individual feedback to pupils that may require the pupil to revisit a piece of work, before starting the next task.  Feedback from the teacher may be in written or verbal form using the tools available on Seesaw.  Feedback will address any misconceptions held by the pupils in the work submitted, and acknowledge the work completed.  Pupils should be made aware that their work has been seen. 

Teachers will not be available to respond to messages from parents during evenings and weekends.

Submission:  Tasks will remain available to complete until the Sunday evening of that week.  New learning tasks  will be available on the Monday morning. to ensure teachers are not overloaded with the return of more than 4 pieces of work per pupil per day. Where possible, work should be submitted by 4pm.  Work submitted after this time may not be responded to until the next working day by the teacher.  Parents experiencing any difficulties with this should contact the class teacher using the class email address or via Seesaw.

Teacher workload:  must be manageable as teachers are also working in school with the children of critical workers.  Setting four pieces of work daily will mean a maximum of 120 pieces of work per day to be addressed.  Submission of work being completed by pupils before what would be the end of the school day, should allow time for feedback/recognition of work to be completed in a timely manner.

Assessment:  Teachers will make formative assessments and track pupil progress based on the work submitted by the pupils.


Curriculum timetable for a partial/full school closure:


Four lessons daily

These will include pre-recorded audio/video lesson inputs by the year group teachers or videos from quality education websites, with a task for the pupils to complete


     Daily phonics lesson.

     Daily lesson from the communication and language curriculum.   

     Daily maths lesson.   

     Two lessons per week from the understanding the world curriculum. 

     Two lessons per week from the expressive arts and design curriculum.   

     PSHE– each week, children will be invited to a live Microsoft Teams session.  Four sessions of 8 children (approx. 15 mins)

     Phonics reading book set using Rising Stars - please read every day



       Key Stages

          1 and 2 

Four lessons daily

These will include pre-recorded audio/video lesson inputs by the year group teachers or videos from quality education websites, with a task for the pupils to complete

(Approx 4 hours (KS2) and 3 hours for KS1  

If being supported 1:1, this may take less time.

     Every day KS1 and KS2 will be set a lesson in the following:



     Spelling and grammar (KS2)

     Phonics (KS1)  

     ( 3 lessons per day)

     Each day a lesson will be set in one of the following:








    (1 lesson per day)

    Subjects are often ‘blocked’ over a term or half term.  The lessons set will be dependent of the point in the curriculum planning reached.

    Children in KS2 are also expected to spend 30 minutes reading every day.

    Children in KS2 are also expected to engage in Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS) for 30 minutes every day.

    PSHE – each week, children will be invited to a live Microsoft Teams session with their teacher.  Four sessions of 8 children (approx. 15 mins)

    The Microsoft Teams session will replace one daily lesson.

    Phonics reading book set for KS1 children using Rising Stars - please read every day.


 The purpose of the PSHE live session is to allow the teacher to maintain a presence with their pupils whilst ascertaining their well-being. HLTAs and TAs may also login to Microsoft   Teams sessions.  Children who do not attend the live lesson will be contacted by the class teacher by email.

 Teacher absence:  In the event of a class teacher being unwell, work will be set and responded to by other teachers in school and higher level teaching assistants.  This may be a r   reduced offer, as workload for staff must remain manageable.  Live Microsoft Teams sessions may not take place where the class teacher is unwell and an alternative member of   staff is not available.

 Pupil engagement:  Teachers will monitor pupil engagement with remote learning and contact parents/carers via email if they have any concerns.  The purpose is to offer support if   needed and to check on the well-being of our pupils and families.  If a response is not received, or the teacher still has some concerns, details will be passed to the Learning Mentor,   who will telephone the family to offer support.

 Communication between teachers and parents/carers

 During a partial or full school closure, communication will take place via Seesaw or the class email address.  Teachers will respond to communications during normal working hours   only.