01942 749141 School Office: Mrs Parkinson, Mrs Lindley

Tan House Drive, Winstanley, Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 6JP


Uniform Requirements

Items with a school logo can be purchased from Slaters, Eckersley Mill, Swan Meadow Lane, Wigan.  The PSA regularly hold second-hand uniform sales.

 Winter Uniform

  • Grey shorts or school trousers
  • Grey school skirt, grey pinafore dress
  • White polo shirt
  • Royal blue sweatshirt/cardigan (with logo)
  • Plain grey/black/white socks
  • Plain grey tights

 Summer Uniform

  • Pale blue gingham dresses/playsuits
  • Plain grey/black/white socks


  • Plain black shoes with a low heel and black sole. No form of boots or ankle boots will be allowed.

 PE Kit (to be worn on designated PE days)

  • Plain black leggings/jogging bottoms (winter) plain black shorts/cycling shorts (summer) (no mesh cutouts/no stripes/small logos are allowed)
  • White polo shirt
  • Royal blue hoody (optional)/sweatshirt/cardigan (with logo)
  • Plain grey/black/white socks


  • Black trainers and laces (small logos/stripes are allowed). Plimsoles/pumps are no longer required.


  • Jewellery can present a safety hazard and must not be worn
  • A watch can be worn (these can be activity trackers but should not link to a phone)
  • Children considering having their ears pierced should do so in the summer holidays, so they can be removed when term starts. Otherwise, they will have to be covered with plasters/medical tape until they can be removed
  • No nail varnish/false nails are allowed


  • Pupils’ hair styles must be reasonable
  • Extremes of hair styles or decoration are not allowed, e.g. dyed hair, tram lines and no patterns shaved into hair
  • Hair past the shoulder should be tied back with plain white/black/blue hair bands/ribbons/scrunchies


  • A small bag/rucksack. This only needs to be big enough to fit in a lunchbox, water bottle and reading book

 Swimming (from Year 4 only)

  • One piece swimming costume
  • Swimming trunks/shorts (shorts with netting and must be above the knee)
  • One large towel